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4 Key Social Media Branding Services Provided by JAB's Freelance

Our team dedicates ourselves to providing you the complete social media branding experience. Click the ‘Learn More’ button below to find out what services are included in our complete social media promotional package.

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4 Key Social Media Services

Unforgettable Search-engine-rich blog CTA content

Call your target audience to action

Each piece of search-engine-rich blog content that JAB’s Freelance produces sends an unforgettable message to your social media followers. JAB’s also wraps up text posts and video presentations with a CTA that entices potential buyers to click on your sales page links. 

Funny and Clever Image Memes

Less sometimes is more

Just a few words with the right background graphics can make an impact on your social media followers. They will share your funny and clever memes, and this provides you greater branding power. 

Daily and Weekly Social Media Post and Page Interaction

We are your social media voice

The best way to ensure success is daily and weekly post and page interaction. However, we know this takes time. JAB’s Freelance becomes your connection with the outside world on your social media pages. We respond to both public comments and private messages. Expect regular post creation and scheduling, too. 

Branded Explainer and Entertainment Videos

Inform and Entertain an intrigued audience

Your social media followers live hectic lives. They have full-time jobs and businesses to run plus they have families and children. Sometimes, they need information but also an escape. A new way to reach your target audience is through animated TV episodes. Get ready for a brand new way to increase brand exposure. 

About JAB's Freelance

JAB’S Freelance just experienced a branding overall. Watch the video to hear more about our history and expansion of services. It all started with just a few writing samples submitted online in 2005.